Newmills Station

Newmills Station in Launceston

Newmills was opened in 1995 and is the current end to the railway. The train waits here for approximately 10 minutes before returning to Launceston.

This station provided access to Newmills Farm Park, but following the park's closure the station is still in use and is convenient for those wishing to explore the footpaths of the Kensey Valley.

If you’re feeling hungry, you can bring a picnic (also available from the café at Launceston Station) and use our riverside picnic tables which are just a short walk through the gate back towards the main line.

Plans for an Egloskerry extension are laying dormant and are not being chased for the foreseeable future and much of the original trackbed lies untouched. A short walk through the gate beyond the buffers shows the road bridge that would have spanned over the original North Cornwall railway.


Much of the trackbed is private land so cannot be walked, but there are walks available. For the more energetic, an uphill 1 mile walk leads to the scenic village of Tregadillett with the renowned Elliot Arms pub. Alternatively, for those that enjoy exploring the countryside, there are a number of footpaths around the area.

iWalk Cornwall

There are directed walks courtesy of iWalk Cornwall which you can request a leaflet for in our shop, print off a walk from iWalk Cornwall or use the iWalk Cornwall app to follow the route. 

Please Note: We are not affiliated with the directions that are given on iWalk. When the railway is closed you will have to skip particular stages of this walk.

PLEASE NOTE - Newmills Farm Park is a separate business and they're not affiliated with us. They are currently closed to the public; please see their website for more details: 

Newmills Station Launceston
Riverside Walk at Newmills Station Launceston