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Unipower Timber Tractor


Unipower Timber Tractor
  • Weight in working order: 4 ton, 15cwt

  • Date Built: 1938

  • Original Use: Forestry tractor

  • Engine: Gardner 4LW

  • Transmission: 10 speed

  • Manufacturer: Universal Power Drives, Chiswick

Without this machine Launceston Steam Railway would not exist. Purchased over 50 years ago it has transported railway track from as far away as North Wales whilst hauling a large trailer. Built as a forestry tractor in 1938 by Universal Power Drives of Chiswick it is fitted with a very powerful winch. The engine is the renowned Gardner 4LW which drives through a 10 speed transmission. When acquired, it was at once obvious that the brakes, steering and gearbox were inadequate and it was fitted with improved components. Today it sees only occasional use and no longer undertakes epic journeys.

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