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The Simplex

0-4-0D 1933 Simplex No.5646

Simplex Diesel
  • Works Number: 5646

  • Date Built: 1933 

  • Engine: Twin-Cylinder Dorman 

  • Transmission: Dixon-Abbot Gearbox + Roller Chains

  • Manufacturer: Motor Rail and Tramcar Co. of Bedford

This is one of numerous 'Simplex' locos built by The Motor Rail and Tramcar Co. of Bedford in 1933. It is fitted with a 4-litre twin-cylinder Dorman diesel engine and is hand started with the aid of a lighted touchpaper inserted into the cylinder head swirl chambers. This archaic system is not only reliable, but it avoids the maintenance and expense of a battery, dynamo, starter motor and a heater plug. The transmission is by a Dixon-Abbot gearbox and roller chains.

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