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The Dilly

0-4-0DE 2004

The Dilly Maintenance Vehicle
  • Weight in working order: 

  • Date Built: 2004

  • Transmission: Roller Chain

  • Alternator: 6KVA 240v

  • Engine: Kubota diesel

The 'Dilly' is our most useful vehicle and is built on the 1920's underframe of a carriage from the Lilleshall Abbey Woodland Railway, originally fitted with back-to-back longitudinal seating, built by Baguleys. It has since been rebuilt with new bodywork and has been motorised by means of a twin-cylinder Kubota diesel engine which drives a 6KVA 240V alternator. The alternating current produced is controlled by means of a variable transformer and solid state rectifiers to drive a 240v compound wound DC motor which is coupled to one axle by a roller chain.

In the years since its construction it has covered thousands of miles on the LSR and has proved invaluable for maintenance work.


The Electric Dilly


The current Dilly replaces an earlier electric trolley, confusingly also known as the Dilly, which is now stored out of use in our workshops. The wheels were once used on a brick kiln trolley, whilst the motor is an old dynamo from a French motor bus. Control is achieved by controlling armature and field current and full speed is given by field weakening. The shunt-wound motor runs on 28 volts provided by nickel-iron accumulators. It’s maximum speed is 18mph.

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