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Visiting Locomotives

Below is a pictorial collection of the engines that have visited us, or have been on our site, since our opening in 1983.

Darjeeling 19B at Launceston

Darjeeling 19B 2019

Petrol/ Electric Engine at Launceston

Petrol/ Electric 2014

Roanoke Steam Tram at Launceston

Roanoke Steam Tram 2010

Lyd Steam Locomotive at Launceston
Darjeeling 19B at Launceston
Gertrude Steam Locomotive at Launceston

Lyd 2010

Darjeeling 19B 2009

Gertrude 2009

Dame Ann Steam Locomotive

Dame Ann 2004

Lilla Steam Locomotive at Launceston
Velinheli Steam Locomotive


Long-term until 2018

Lilla 1998

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