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  • Date Built:

  • Working Boiler pressure: 80PSI

  • Cylinders: 3 ¾" Diameter

  • Wheelbase:  4'

  • Number: 89

  • Width: 4'

  • Length: 8'

  • Built by: Chris Palmenter and Steve Harris

Perseverance Vertical Boiler Steam Locomotive

Perseverance is a small, single cylinder vertical boiler steam locomotive built by Chris Parmenter and Steve Harris. Started in 2004 as an attempt to build a working steam locomotive for under £1000, it has been built for a fraction of the cost of a conventional steam locomotive (although the budget has been exceeded).

Originally built on a skip chassis, a new purpose-built chassis was constructed in early 2010. Further modifications and improvements have been made as and when time and funds permit.

As Perseverance is much smaller than our other steam locomotives, it is not used on passenger trains and is steamed infrequently, normally when the railway is closed to the public. It is, however, normally on display.

Being a smaller locomotive Perseverance is easy to transport, and has made visits away from home to the Ffestiniog Railway and Leighton Buzzard Railway. 

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